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Image Formats

Transform Digital has the software to extract your images no matter the Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Enterprise Document Management (EDM), or legacy document imaging or check imaging system. The images, combined with any necessary databases, can be converted into any format you require. Listed below are just a few of the common image formats we convert. Don't be concerned if you don't see yours listed here. Contact us and we'll review your system and provide a sample.

PSD Photoshop
PTOCA MO: DCA PTOCA - IBM text overlay format
RLE Run length encoded
SUN Sun Raster
TIFF All TIFF supported - G4, G3, uncompressed, Packbits, Huffman, LZW, JPEG, CMYK* (Use of TIFF/LZW requires license from Unisys) - 1 to 24 bit
TGA TARGA - 24 bit true color
WinFax WinFax fax format
WMF Windows metaformat - raster only
WPG WordPerfect graphic format - raster only
XBM X windows Bitmap
XPM X windows Pixmap
XWD X Windows Dump

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