Conversion Services

Conversion Solutions

Our primary mission is to provide the industry with quality solutions for our clients data needs. We have developed a group of conversion utilities unsurpassed by many other companies. We handle a wide variety of system formats, more than many of our competitors. With our vast experience, we have successfully converted every known system. We have yet to encounter a system that we cannot convert. If by chance your system is not our site, don't be discouraged. At Transform Digital, we can assess the system, determine the conversion requirements, and develop the software necessary to get your data out. We work closely with each client to better understand the unique challenges involved in their system data.

As you can see from the list below, we provide conversion services on many platforms. We work on a wide variety of system and image formats and we also work with many hosts and operating systems. Regardless of the database and the media type we can extract your data and get it converted to meet your standards. Below you will find a list of our supported platforms and further below are links to the formats, operating systems, and media types we provide services for. If you do not see your format or type here, please contact us here. We can review your requirements and meet your needs.

Supported Platforms:

Document Imaging
Check Imaging
Image Formats
Host Systems
Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Enterprise Document Management (EDM)
Enterprise Report Management (ERM) (COLD)

  • System Formats
  • Image Formats
  • Host Formats
  • Operating Systems and Network Operating Systems
  • Database Formats
  • Media Types