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Transform Digital is a leading provider of data and document conversion services. Whether it requires Enterprise Report Management (ERM) or COLD data conversion, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Enterprise Document Management (EDM) systems, document imaging, check imaging, or other system data, Transform Digital is the best choice for preserving, protecting, and converting your data. We provide services under three major categories: Conversion Services, Migration Services, and Software Utilities.

Conversion Services

We provide conversion services for Enterprise Report Management (ERM) or COLD data systems, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Enterprise Document Management (EDM) systems, document imaging, and check imaging. We convert new systems as well as older legacy data. In addition to entire systems, we can also convert individual databases, documents, checks, and files. We can handle any type of media, whether it is optical, magnetic, tape drive, CD, or DVD.

Whether the data project to be converted is small or large, we will take care of you. We service a wide variety of data formats and system types. Some of the many ERM/COLD data, ECM, EDM, and document and check imaging systems we convert includes, but is not limited to, Jack Henry, Fiserv, FIS, and D+H (Harland) systems in addition to many other systems like treev, Onbase, OTG, SER/Synergy, Bisys, and OSI, among others. Click here to see a list of the many systems we can convert. And don't worry if you didn't see your application listed. Contact us with details and we will be glad to review your data with you.

Migration Services

In addition to converting data, Transform Digital can assist with migration. We can export your data and reformat for easy import into your new system. We can perform data migrations between any systems, allowing for a simple process for our customers. Whether it requires a ECM migration, EDM migration, ERM/COLD migration, document migration, check migration, database migration, or a file migration, in most cases we can design the migration for you!


No matter what service you need, conversion or migration, no matter the project, whether it is ECM/EDM, ERM/COLD, document imaging, check imaging, or COLD data, we can manage your conversion and/or migration. No matter how large or small, no matter how old or new, no matter what type, we will deliver better and faster, fairly priced, and to your satisfaction!

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